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    Jah Ques

    A husband, father and community advocate seeking to offer yoga to the most unlikely people aiding them in eliminating body-shaming, recovery from laziness, address mental health(deppression/anxiety) or addiction. Jah Ques mat approach inspires people to ‘put a light on in a neglected room’ as they practice yoga. Students are invited to have true church, true confession within their own bodies.


    Because Jah Ques believes we are all teachers/students of life he treats every class as if it is his first, many of his students experience a safe, non-judgmental, welcoming environment. He taught students at Pressley Ridge and is currently teaching yoga to students at Holy Family (Sto Rox). Jah Ques is a beacon to people of color and minorities because he reminds them of the history of yoga which begins in Africa traveling through India. His lively roots based music elevates the mind-body vibrations which spins a twist for many new to the yoga experience.


    Students are empowered by Jah Ques to ‘let it all out’.

    He seeks to engage students of color so that they can realize yoga was engineered and designed just with them in mind. As they engage and practice more and more the students will minimize low self-worth, decrease poor health (obesity, diminished breathing) and establish and promote self-recovery.


    Co-owner Leigh Garbo-Minniefield grew up in the North Hills of Pittsburgh and has been practicing yoga for the last 12 years. Yoga has provided a space for healing and continues to inspire her to live each moment mindfully. Leigh loves to serve others and is passionate about sharing this healing practice.

    Leigh received her certification in 2011 through the Amazing Yoga studio located in Pittsburgh, PA. She continues to nurture her skills as an instructor by continuing her education. Leigh obtained additional certifications through Yoga Flow (Pittsburgh, PA) and Thank Yoga (Columbus, OH). She also has a bachelor’s degree in media communications from Duquesne University. Leigh teaches Power Yoga, Kids Yoga, Gentle/Restorative Flow, Yin Yoga, private sessions and workshops.


    Leigh accredits yoga and her strong Christian faith for laying the groundwork for her own personal healing; she fought a 10-year battle with an eating disorder. As a result of this practice and her faith, Leigh is strong, confident, and strives every day to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Leigh believes that yoga allowed her to create a healthy relationship with food and reconcile the damaging thoughts associated with this disorder. Leigh possesses an attitude of fearlessness both on and off the mat. She is passionate about sharing what she has learned and wants to help others on their journey to healing. Leigh has a strong desire to provide a space that invites you to nurture your body, mind and soul.



    In addition to yoga, Leigh began a professional dancing career 10 years ago and is part of Tuika’s Polynesian Island Magic dance group. Leigh embraces and shares her Samoan descent through dance. Inspired by various types of Polynesian dance, she also instructs a high intensity and fun workout class called Hulacise.

    Leigh’s other titles include Wife, Mama, and Child of God. When she's not practicing yoga or dancing, she spends her free time with God, family and friends. Jacques (husband), Leigh, their two sons and their big white dog currently reside in Greentree, PA.



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  • Dub Yoga In the Tropics

    We bring the tropics to you

    Jacques and Leigh transform any space into a tropical paradise with a live DJ, visuals and a power and restorative yoga class. Soak in this tropical paradise where Power Yoga and Dub (instrumental reggae) meet as one, nourishing your body and mind. Continue your journey through the tropics. This class is for the athlete and the beginner.


    Lively Up Yourself (Power yoga)

    A power vinyasa yoga style class, linking breath and movement. This dynamic, flowing practice will cultivate strength, flexibility, balance, focus and endurance. It tones and sculpts the entire body allowing for rapid results.

    Simmer Down (Chair yoga)

    Chair yoga is a relaxing and gentle form of yoga which explores traditional yoga poses from a seated position. These poses, or asanas, are adaptions taken from a traditional Vinyasa style yoga class. The chair is used to support those who wish to participate in yoga, but have some difficulty with more rigorous movement. In particular, chair yoga is targeted at senior citizens or anyone suffering from a recent or chronic injury.

    Kids Yoga

    Where children will have the opportunity to be imaginative, creative and most importantly have lots of fun! Kids learn a myriad yoga poses, sun salutations, breathing and relaxation techniques while traveling on an exciting yoga adventure. Practicing yoga regularly increases flexibility and strength, improves balance and coordination, develops focus and concentration, and promotes a positive self-image. This Kids Yoga class will aim at reducing stress, developing kindness and nurturing a peaceful mindset - all while having lots of fun! Ages 2-5

    Take It Easy (Restorative/Gentle Flow)

    A slow flowing gentle yoga class that begins with meditation, focuses on restorative yoga postures and some fundamental pranayama exercises, then ends with a long savasana. This class is sure to restore and rejuvenate the mind and the body.


    A fun, exciting and totally body workout class! Hulacise is based on Hawaiian and Tahitian dance moves combining all the fitness components of a cardio workout, muscular preparation , balance, flexibility and grace. *No experience necessary

    Soca Calisthenics

    Join Jacques for this high energy, full body workout as he leads us through some of his favorite isometric and calisthenic exercises to the sounds of Soca music!

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    Drop in: $12

    5 Class Pass: $55

    10 Class Pass: $100


    Kids Yoga

    4 Class Pass: $40


    *Unlimited On Demand Classes Coming Soon!*


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